COVID-19 Resources

Last Updated: Summer 2020

In accordance to the guidelines set out by viaSport and the BC Provincial Government we have several documents for your reference. The Return to Play Guidelines are designed to support our families through this unusual time. Please take some time to review them (MSLL Return to Play Guidelines). 

First is our MSLL Compliance document which must be read, signed and returned before you (or your child) can return to baseball. We also need to have the appropriate indemnity forms for participating minors and adults. PLEASE bring these completed forms to your first practice so that the team manager can make sure that all of the appropriate paperwork is on file. 

MSLL Indemnity (MINORS)


Finally, please ensure that you (or your player) has read and understands the Pre Training Checklist. Players who show signs of illness will not be permitted on the field. MSLL Player Pre Training Checklist