Minors AA

Description Minors AA is the first division where the players start to pitch. To aid the transition to player pitching the pitching machine is used for 2 innings per game during the early season. Minors AA also introduces base stealing (with modified rules). Games in Minors AA are scored, and season standings are tracked. All teams qualify for the playoffs – with the top 2 teams in the playoffs competing in the championship game. A Minors AA game lasts approximately 2 hours (or occasionally longer). Umpires are used in Minors AA games.
Grade/Age Grade 2/3/4/5 (baseball age 8, 9 or 10). First time minors players are assessed for the AA division, returning minors players are assessed for AAA division, but may be placed in AA based on assessment results. Baseball age 8 players may qualify to play in AA based on assessment scores.
Location Minor AA games are played on the Seycove field in Myrtle Park and at Blueridge Park.
Games Minors AA teams play twice per week. One game on a Saturday, and one game during the week on either Tuesday or Thursday. The schedule will vary from week to week to allow all teams to play one another. Rained out games are rescheduled by the division coordinator.
Practices Minors AA teams practice once per week usually on a Sunday. Teams in this division may also book sessions in the Myrtle Park batting cage and additional practices during the week. To book an extra practice session please email field_booking@msll.ca
Teams Teams are made up of 11-12 players. Assessments for all new and returning minors players are held in February. Teams are formed via a draft process. The draft is used to try to build balanced teams. As a result friend requests can only be considered in extreme circumstances. If you have a specific player request, please contact the player agent prior to the draft.
Uniform Minors AA players receive a team jersey, team belt and baseball cap which must be worn to all games. Players return their jersey and belt at the end of the season, but get to keep their cap. Player must provide their own grey baseball pants. The pants must have belt loops.
Rules Minors AA Rules
Call Ups If a Minors AA teams has less than 10 players available for a game, they may call up a player from the Rookie Senior division. The player agent will provide the Minors AA coaches with a call up list of Rookie Senior players who may be called up to the AA division. When possible please contact the player’s coach to organize the call up – however in the case of a last minute call up you may contact the player directly. A Minors AA team may only use the same call up player 2 times during the season. The AA division coordinator must be notified whenever a call up player is used.
Coordinator Amanda Dickson minoraa@msll.ca
Resources Team Manager GuideField Prep Guide,Scorekeeping TutorialScorekeeping Cheat Sheet,  Pitch Count Guide

2019 AA Schedule


2019 Standings

2019 AA Standings

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GP – Games Played, W – Wins, L – Losses, T – Ties, PTS – Points earned, RF – Runs For, RA – Runs Against, PCT – Winning Percentage, L10 – Last 10 Results