For the 2019 season Mount Seymour Little League will be operating a combined Seniors LL and Babe Ruth division league for baseball players ages 15-19. This league is open to all players from Little League District 5 (Mount Seymour, Lynn Valley, Highlands, West Van and Howe Sound).

The intention is to have 4 (or more) combined teams based in North Vancouver. Except for 2-4 games in the entire season, all games will be played on the North Shore, and almost all of those, will be played at Inter River Park.  Each team may travel a few times off the North Shore, depending on how the other leagues (Langley, New West, Whalley, and Coquitlam) decide to combine their divisions. We will strongly limit the pitching of 19-year-olds during our league games.  

The coaches selected for this division will make the league experience a positive, friendly, and rewarding experience for players of all abilities. We are excited at the opportunity to offer fun, competitive baseball for players in this age group with minimal travel.

All Stars

Players in the combined league will have the opportunity to try out for All Star teams based on their baseball age. Players who are LL Seniors age (1 Sep 2002 – 31 Aug 2004) will be able to tryout for a D5 Seniors All Star team, older players will have the opportunity to tryout for the Lower Mainland Babe Ruth All Star team.

How to Register

If you live in the Mount Seymour Little League catchment:

  1. Register and pay at

If you live outside the Mount Seymour Little League catchment:

If you are Little League Seniors (1 Sept 2002 – 31 August 2004):

  1. Register and pay for Seniors with your home Little League
  2. Register for Seniors at
    • Enter V0V 0V0 as your postal code
    • Select “Funding” as the payment option and then enter your home LL name as the funding organization

If you are Babe Ruth age (1 Jan 2000 – 31 August 2002):

  1. Register and pay for Babe Ruth at
  2. Enter V0V 0V0 as your postal code


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