2022 MSLL 11s “Candy Cup” Tournament



  • June 30 / July 1-3, 2022
  • Majors Diamond @ Myrtle Park, North Vancouver
  • 8 teams with 4 games guaranteed for all teams
  • Winners trophy filled with Candy!
  • Team pin exchange after every game
  • $350.00 entry fee + box of game OLAB balls
  • Full concession on site


  • Mount Seymour LL
  • Hastings LL
  • Langley LL
  • Trout Lake LL
  • West Vancouver
  • Highlands
  • Kerrisdale
  • Whalley



Date Time Home Result Visitor Field Game #
2022-06-30 6:00 PM Mount Seymour   Hastings Majors 11-1
2022-07-01 6:00 PM Langley   Trout Lake Seycove 11-3
2022-07-02 9:00 AM Hastings   Langley Majors 11-5
2022-07-02 11:30 AM Trout Lake   Mount Seymour Seycove 11-7
2022-07-02 2:00 PM Mount Seymour   Langley Majors 11-9
2022-07-02 4:30 PM Hastings   Trout Lake Seycove 11-11


Date Time Home Result Visitor Field Game #
2022-06-30 6:00 PM West Van   Highlands Seycove 11-2
2022-07-01 6:00 PM Kerrisdale   Whalley Majors 11-4
2022-07-02 9:00 AM Highlands   Kerrisdale Seycove 11-6
2022-07-02 11:30 AM Whalley   West Van Majors 11-8
2022-07-02 2:00 PM West Van   Kerrisdale Seycove 11-10
2022-07-02 4:30 PM Highlands   Whalley Majors 11-12


SEMI-FINALS – Higher seed is Home team

Date Time Home Result Visitor Field Game #
2022-07-03 9:00 AM 1st Place Yellow   2nd Place Black Majors 11-13
2022-07-03 9:00 AM 1st Place Black   2nd Place Yellow Seycove 11-14

CONSOLATION GAME – Home/Visitor determined by coin toss

Date Time Team Result Team Field Game #
2022-07-03 11:30 AM 4th Place Yellow   4th Place Black Seycove 11-15
2022-07-03 11:30 AM 3rd Place Yellow   3rd Place Black Majors 11-16

CHAMPIONSHIP GAME – Home/Visitor determined by coin toss

Date Time Team Result Team Field Game #
2022-04-03 2:30 PM Winner 11-13   Winner 11-14 Majors 11-17



Tournament Format and Scoring


  • Little League rules apply
  • Tournament will be a round robin format, with each team playing two games during pool play on Friday and Saturday. The top two teams advance to the semi finals on Sunday, the 3rd place teams will place a consolation game. The winners of the two semi finals will compete in the Championship game. Scores will be kept awarding 2 points for a win; 1 point for a tie and 0 points for a loss.
  • Round robin games may end in a tie
  • Semi final, final and consolation games will continue play until a winner is determined
  • In the case of a two way tie at the end of the round robin, the head to head outcome between the tied teams will be used to determine the standings.
  • If more than 2 teams are tied the following order will be used to determine the standings:
    1. Head to head results of all teams
    2. Runs against per defensive innings played
    3. Coin toss (as a last resort)
  • Teams are listed as Home and Visitors on the schedule
    • Home team occupies the 3rd base dugout
    • Visitors team occupies the 1st base dugout
  • For consolation and championship games a coin toss will be used prior to the game to determine Home/Visitors
  • Umpire decisions are final. There will be zero tolerance for any disrespect shown towards our umpires.
  • After each game, please have the players from your team line up along the 1st and 3rd baselines facing the infield for player of the game recognition. Coaches will select a player from the opposing team to receive an MVP award and call them forward to offer congratulations, a prize and a handshake. Please consult with the coaches from the opposing team to ensure that a different player is getting the award and not the same player every game. For the championship game, please feel free to give the award to the player who displays the most skill and sportsmanship even if they were recognized in a previous game.

Team Roster and Coaches

  • Each tournament roster shall consist of a minimum of nine (9) players up to a maximum of fourteen (14) players
  • Teams may have a maximum of 3 coaches
  • All players on the roster will bat in rotation
  • No player may sit more than two innings in each game

Player Equipment

  • All bats must be Little League approved bats
  • Batting helmets must be worn while at bat and running the bases
  • An athletic support (jock/jill) must be worn
  • The catcher must wear full gear when catching
  • Warm up catchers need a mask and chest protector
  • A coach may only warm up a pitcher if the team has no spare players

Innings and Scoring Limits

  • Four innings to be played up to a maximum of 6 innings
  • No new inning (beyond the 4th inning) may start 1h 45 mins after the game start time
  • No time limit applies for the Championship Game
  • A 5 run limit applies to all innings other that the final inning
  • The last inning shall be open scoring
  • A game may end without an open inning if the time limit has been reached
  • Mercy rule applies (Any team that is trailing by ten (10) or more runs after four (4) complete innings will concede the game.)


  • A pitcher will be removed if they hit three (3) batters in the same inning or four (4) batters in one game.
  • Consecutive game pitching is allowed. The maximum innings a pitcher can pitch in one game is two (6 consecutive outs).
  • A manager or coach may come out twice in one inning to confer with the same pitcher. On the third visit, that pitcher must be removed from the pitcher’s position.
  • Each team is allowed three trips from their coach/manager to the pitcher during the game. On the fourth visit, that pitcher will be removed regardless if they were involved with any of the previous visits.
  • Pitchers that throw 41 or more pitches CANNOT play catcher for that GAME.
  • If a player plays the position of catcher for 4 or more innings, they CANNOT pitch thatgame.
  • Dropped 3rd strike is in effect
  • In-field fly rule is in effect


  • No food or candy is allowed in the dugout. Water/Gatorade only is permitted. No gum or sunflower seeds / “SPITZ” allowed in dugouts or on the fields.
  • No jewelry is to be worn on the field. If jewelry cannot be removed, it must be taped.
  • Positive cheering only. Attempts to distract or intimidate opposing players will not bepermitted. Coaches will be asked to assist in controlling offending fans.
    1st infraction: player/coach will be warned.
    2nd infraction: player/coach will be removed from the game
    Game forfeited for 3rd team offense.