2019 MSLL Super 8s “Candy Cup” Invitational



  • 4, 5, 6, 7 July 2019
  • NE Dirt Diamond and SE Dirt Diamond @ Myrtle Park, North Vancouver
  • 8 teams with 4 games guaranteed for all teams
  • Winners trophy filled with Candy!
  • Medals for all participants
  • Team pin exchange after every game
  • $250.00 entry fee + box of Level 5 game balls
  • Full concession on site


  • Mount Seymour
  • Highlands
  • Dunbar
  • Trout Lake 
  • West Vancouver
  • Hastings
  • Lynn Valley
  • Kerrisdale


YELLOW GROUP – Round Robin

Date Time Home Result Visitor Field Game #
2019-07-04 6:00 PM Mount Seymour   Highlands NE Dirt 8-1
2019-07-05 6:00 PM Dunbar   Trout Lake SE Dirt 8-3
2019-07-06 10:00 AM Highlands   Dunbar NE Dirt 8-5
2019-07-06 12:00 PM Trout Lake   Mount Seymour SE Dirt 8-7
2019-07-06 2:00 PM Mount Seymour   Dunbar NE Dirt 8-9
2019-07-06 4:00 PM Highlands   Trout Lake SE Dirt 8-11

BLACK GROUP – Round Robin

Date Time Home Result Visitor Field Game #
2019-07-04 6:00 PM West Van   Lynn Valley SE Dirt 8-2
2019-07-05 6:00 PM Hastings   Kerrisdale NE Dirt 8-4
2019-07-06 10:00 AM Lynn Valley   Hastings SE Dirt 8-6
2019-07-06 12:00 PM Kerrisdale   West Van NE Dirt 8-8
2019-07-06 2:00 PM West Van   Hastings SE Dirt 8-10
2019-07-06 4:00 PM Lynn Valley   Kerrisdale NE Dirt 8-12

Higher seed is Home team

Date Time Team Result Team Field Game #
2019-07-07 10:00 AM 1st Place Yellow   2nd Place Black NE Dirt 8-13
2019-07-07 10:00 AM 1st Place Black   2nd Place Yellow SE Dirt 8-14

CONSOLATION GAMES –  Home/Visitor determined by coin toss

Date Time Team Result Team Field Game #
2019-07-07 12:00 PM 3rd Place Yellow   3rd Place Black SE Dirt 8-15
2019-07-07 12:00 PM 4th Place Yellow   4th Place Black NE Dirt 8-16

CHAMPIONSHIP GAME –  Home/Visitor determined by coin toss

Date Time Team Result Team Field Game #
2019-07-07 2:00 PM Winner 8 – 13   Winner 8 – 14 SE Dirt 8-17


Tournament Format and Scoring Rules

  • Little League rules apply
  • Tournament will be a round robin format, with each team playing three games during pool play on Friday and Saturday and one game in the placement round on Sunday. Scores will be kept awarding 2 points for a win; 1 point for a tie and 0 points for a loss.
  • Round robin games may end in a tie
  • Placement round games will continue play until a winner is determined
  • In the case of a two way tie at the end of the round robin, the head to head outcome between the tied teams will be used to determine the standings.
  • If more than 2 teams are tied the following order will be used to determine the standings:
    1. Head to head results of all teams
    2. Runs against per defensive innings played
    3. Coin toss (as a last resort)
  • Teams are listed as Home and Visitors on the schedule
    • Home team occupies the 3rd base dugout
    • Visitors team occupies the 1st base dugout
  • For placement round games a coin toss will be used prior to the game to determine Home/Visitors

Team Roster and Coaches

  • Each tournament roster shall consist of a minimum of ten (10) players up to a maximum of fourteen (14) players
  • All players must be baseball age 8 or younger (born 1 September 2010 or later)
  • Teams may have a maximum of 4 coaches
  • Offensive coaches are positioned 1st base, 3rd base, pitching machine and in the dugout
  • All players on the roster will bat in rotation
  • Ten (10) players will be on the field defensively each inning – the 10th fielder must occupy an outfield position
  • No player may sit out a second inning, until all other players on the team have sat out one complete inning
  • All players must play a minimum of one inning in the outfield

Innings and Scoring Limits

  • All games consistent of 5 innings
  • Three outs for each team constitutes an inning
  • There will be a five (5) run limit in the first four (4) innings
  • The last inning is open – offensive team may score unlimited runs until 3 outs are made
  • Mercy rule applies (game ends if one team leads by 10 or more runs after 4 innings)

Pitching Machine

  • Pitching machine is placed 34′ from home plate
  • Pitching machine operators will adjust machine as required prior to the game with assistance from the plate umpire
  • Only the umpire may authorize adjustments during the game as required
  • The pitching machine is operated by a coach from the offensive team
  • Any batted ball that hits the pitching machine is a ground rule single

Player Equipment

  • All bats must be Little League approved aluminum bats
  • Batting helmets must be worn while at bat and running the bases
  • The catcher must wear full gear when catching, A regular fielding glove may be used instead of a catcher’s glove.
  • An athletic support (jock/jill) must be worn

Rules of Play

  • Batters receive three (3) strikes.
  • The plate umpire will call strikes or “no pitch”
  • There are NO walks in this level
  • NO stealing
  • Bunting is not allowed
  • In-field fly rule does not apply
  • A home run line will be marked at 120′ from home plate
  • A ground ball that crosses the home-run line without being touched is a ground rule double
  • A fly ball that crosses the home-run line in the air is a home run
  • Runners may advance only one base on an overthrow
  • Runners may not advance on a throw back to the pitcher
  • The play is considered stopped when the ball is returned to the pitcher
  • Umpire decisions are final. There will be zero tolerance for any disrespect shown towards our umpires.

Base Race

  • At the end of each game the teams will participate in a base race