MSLL provides an individual equipment bag to each team in Rookie Junior and higher divisions. For Rally Caps, three equipment bags are available to be used by the three teams at each session.

The team equipment bags contain bats, catchers equipment, practice bases, first aid kit. Each team is also be given baseballs for use in games and practices.

For any questions, please contact Equipment Manager Pierre Pluff at


MSLL players are provided with a game uniform. Details of the type of uniform for each division are provided on the applicable Divisions page.

All players in Rookie Junior and higher are required to wear baseball pants for games. MSLL provides players with a pair of baseball pants that they keep. At the start of each season the equipment manager will hold several “pants exchange” sessions. These provide the opportunity for players to return their current pants if they are too small or worn out and exchange them for a new pair.

Batting Helmet

Players in every division must wear a batting helmet when at base and when running the bases. Helmets are provided in the equipment bags for Rally Caps, Rookie Junior and Rookie Senior teams. Baseball caps must be worn under league provided helmets.

MSLL recommends that players provide their own baseball helmet.

Baseball Bats

While bats are provided in the equipment bag, many players as they move up through the divisions like to use their own bat. A player may only use a baseball bat that is approved for Little League play (see below regarding composite/hybrid bats). Please refer to the following page before buying your player a bat:

Composite Bats

MSLL allows Little League approved composite bats in Majors, Juniors, Seniors, and Bigs divisions only. Composite bats of any type (including hybrid bats) are NOT allowed in Minors (AAA and AA), Rookie Senior, Rookie Junior, and Rally Caps.

MSLL will provide composite bats for the Majors division and post season play only.

Athletic Support

Players in Rookie Junior and higher division must wear an athletic support (jock/jill) for all games and practices.

Baseball Cleats

Baseball cleats are required for players in Minors division and higher. Players in Rally Caps, Rookie Junior and Rookie Senior may use baseball cleats, soccer cleats or running shoes.

Metal cleats may be worn by players in the Juniors and higher divisions.

Where to Buy

The following locations are good options when looking to purchase baseball equipment: