Criminal Record Check

Mount Seymour Little League coaching is second to none because so many parents volunteer on the field and in the dugout with the kids. Anyone who plans to have contact with a MSLL player either during games or practices must first complete an RCMP Criminal Records Check (CRC).

MSLL requires all coaches to submit their CRC every 3 years.

How to Apply for your CRC


App online at Use Access Code LWUELZ7WVG
The online application is free, however in some cases you may be asked to provide finger prints. In this case there is a $50 fee. The results of an online CRC may be shared with multiple organizations. Therefore if you already have a CRC from another sport, you can use the online system to share that CRC with MSLL.


Complete the CRC application form which can be found under Forms and take it to the RCMP office on 14th St between Lonsdale and St. Georges. Please complete all pages and print them and the MSLL covering letter which must be taken with you. You will also require two pieces of government-issued ID. These may include a BC driver’s license, birth certificate, citizenship card, Nexus pass, student or work visa (not a VISA credit card), BC ID card, permanent resident card, firearms acquisition certificate, or a passport.

The RCMP will mail your processed CRC to you. Either hand-deliver or mail the original to Christina Langille: 4330 Halifax Street, Burnaby, BC, V5C 3X5.  You must provide the original CRC form to Christina – a scan or photocopy can not be accepted.

CRCs are a requirement in order to protect children, protect the reputation of MSLL and to protect coaches and others from unwarranted suspicions. Getting a CRC is for everyone’s protection and benefit…and it’s mandatory.


Contact Safety Officer Christina Langille at: