Myrtle Park Scoreboards

Mount Seymour Little League has scoreboards for two of the diamonds at Myrtle Park: the permanent scoreboard on the Majors diamond and the new portable scoreboard at the Seycove field. These scoreboards are used for Majors and Minors games.

The home team is responsible for the setup and operation of the scoreboard. Please ensure that at the end of the game the scoreboard, remote, controllers etc are packed away securely. The Seycove scoreboard should not be used if the game is expected to be played in significant rain.

For instructions on setup and operation of the scoreboards please view these links:

Score Booth Etiquette

  • Home team “owns” the score booth
  • Away team should score from the bleachers unless invited in by the home team
  • Please do not cheer or comment on the game from the score booth
    • Sound carries directly to the plate area so please keep your voices low