MSLL is proud to have a hard working, knowledgeable and dedicated umpire crew led by our Umpire in Chief Todd Dea. Players may apply to become and umpire by selecting the “Umpire” check box during registration providing they meet the following criteria:

  1. Umpires must be baseball age 11 or older
  2. Umpires must be playing in the Majors division or above
  3. Selected umpires must be able to attend the District 5 umpire clinic
  4. Selected umpires must be able to attend the MSLL umpire clinic

Having the opportunity to umpire can be an incredibly enjoyable and rewarding experience. The lessons that are learned (organization, time management, commitment, planning, focus and attention, to name a few) and the confidence gained is something that will inevitably be carried with them into adulthood.

It would be wonderful if every player who wanted to umpire could be given the opportunity to do so, but unfortunately every year we receive far more applications than there are available positions. Returning umpires from the previous season are given first priority, the remaining spaces are then filled by players selected by the Umpire in Chief in consultation with executive committee members and coaches.

At MSLL we endeavor to select players who show a strong passion or love of the game and who we feel would make the commitment to learn the necessary skills to be a good umpire and a fine representative for MSLL on the diamond. Our Umpire crew is not made up of just the elite or All-Star caliber players.

If you have questions about MSLL umpires, please contact Umpire in Chief Todd Dea at

Little League University – Umpire Training

Little League University is a great resource, with lots of videos and articles covering a wide variety of topics related to umpiring.

Check out the page here: Little League University – Umpires

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