MSLL offers co-ed baseball divisions for players ages 5 to 16. Players aged 17-19 may play in our affiliate Babe Ruth program. Players in our first three divisions are played by grade: Rally Caps for pre-K and Kindergarten, Rookie Junior for Grade 1 and Rookie Senior for Grade 2.

Starting in the AA division player assessments are used to place players in the appropriate division based on their “baseball age” and skill level.

Baseball age is determined by Little League International. Over the past few seasons they have implemented several changes to baseball age. The following dates are now used to determine baseball age.

From the 2018 season all players* will use the AugustĀ 31st as the determination date for baseball age.

*The only exception to this is players born between May 1st 2005 and August 31st 2005. These players will be considered baseball age 12 during the 2018 season and will change to using the August 31st date in 2019.

You can verify your player’s baseball age using this Little League table.

2018 Recommended Division

The following table shows the recommended player division by grade. During registration parents have the option to request a different division from the recommended level and these requests will be accommodated where appropriate. In general MSLL does not recommend players to skip any divisions as each level has its own learning goals.

School Grade Baseball Age Recommended Division
Pre-K n/a Rally Caps
Kindergarten n/a Rally Caps
Grade 1 n/a Rookie Junior
Grade 2 n/a Rookie Senior
Grade 3 (Sep-Dec) 8 Rookie Senior or Minors (AA) based on assessment
Grade 3 (Jan-Aug) 9 Minors (AA/AAA) based on assessment
Grade 4 (Sept-Dec) 9 Minors (AA/AAA) based on assessment
Grade 4 (Jan-Aug) 10 Minors (AA/AAA) or Majors based on assessment
Grade 5 (Sept-Dec) 10 Minors (AA/AAA) or Majors based on assessment
Grade 5 (Jan-Aug) 11 Minors (AAA) or Majors based on assessment
Grade 6 (May-Dec) 11 Minors (AAA) or Majors based on assessment
Grade 6 (Jan-Apr) 12 Majors
Grade 7 (May-Dec) 12 Majors
Grade 7 (Jan-Apr) 13 Juniors
Grade 8 (Sept-Dec) 13 Juniors
Grade 8 (Jan-Aug) 14 Juniors
Grade 9 (Sept-Dec) 14 Juniors
Grade 9 (Jan-Aug) 15 Seniors
Grade 10 (Sept-Dec) 15 Seniors
Grade 10 (Jan-Aug) 16 Seniors
Grade 11 (Sept-Dec) 16 Seniors
Grade 11 (Jan-Aug) 17 U18 Babe Ruth
Grade 12 (Jan-Dec) 18 U18 Babe Ruth
Post HS (Jan-Dec) 19 U18 Babe Ruth