MSLL offers co-ed baseball for players ages 5 to 18.

Players in our Entry Level divisions are played by grade as follows:

  • Pre-Kindergarten: Blastball
  • Kindergarten: Tee Ball
  • Grade 1: Rookie Junior
  • Grade 2: Rookie Senior

Starting in the Minors Divisions, players are placed in the appropriate division according to their “baseball age” and skill level using assessments/tryouts.

Baseball age is determined by Little League International which uses September 1 to August 31 as the determination date for baseball age. You can verify your player’s baseball age using this Little League table.

The following table shows the recommended player division by baseball age.

Baseball Age:   Division:
8   Minors (AA) *
9   Minors (AA) * or Minors (AAA) based on assessment
10   Minors (AA) or Minors (AAA) or Majors ** based on assessment
11   Minors (AAA) or Majors based on assessment
12   Majors
13   Juniors
14   Juniors
15-18   Seniors

* All first year Minors players play in the AA Division
** Eligibility for Baseball 10 players assessing for the Majors Division will be decided on an individual basis