Police Information Check

Thank you for volunteering! Below is a step-by-step process on how to obtain your Police Information Check (PIC) previously called a Criminal Record Check (CRC).
P.I.C.’s are mandatory for anyone who will be in the dugout with the kids. Please note that this process is no longer available to submit online, and ALL forms will have to be dropped off in person to your local RCMP detachment. You will have the option to print off the application prior to your visit to the detachment (see instructions below), but there are also printed applications at the detachment if you would prefer to fill them out there. You are also required to print off a Volunteer Letter. You will not be granted a P.I.C. without your volunteer letter (see instructions below).

How to Apply for your PIC

1). Download, print, and fill out the North Vancouver RCMP Police Information Check Application.
At the bottom of the first page you will see:
  • Reason for Application -Please tick the box for “Volunteer”.
  • Key Contact Name: Heather Brown (MSLL Safety Officer)
  • Volunteer Agency: MSLL
  • Volunteer Agency Phone number: (604) 537-9579
  • Is your request related to work, volunteer with vulnerable persons? Tick off the “Yes” box, and continue to fill out the remainder of the application.
2). Print and fill out the MSLL 2023 letter. You will not be issued a PIC without this letter.
3). Bring two pieces of government issued ID. One must be a photo ID, and you must provide one form of identification showing your current North Vancouver address.
Acceptable forms of ID are:
  • Driver’s License (combo BCDL & Services card is one piece)
  • BC Identification card
  • BC Services card
  • Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • Permanent Resident card
  • Firearms license
  • Status card
  • NEXUS Pass
  • Student / Work Visa
  • Student ID card (up to grade 12 – current year only)
  • Military ID
  • Security license
  • Please note: SIN cards and BC Care cards or no longer forms of ID. The combination BCDL and BC Services card is only one piece.
4). Bring the PIC application, volunteer letter, and two pieces of government issued ID to your local RCMP detachment.
North Vancouver RCMP Detachment
147 E. 14th St.
(604) 985-1311
Office hours:

Monday – Friday 8:00am – 6:00pm
Saturday – 9:00am – 5:00pm
Sundays & Holidays – Closed

5). Wait and processing times will vary depending on the detachment workload, but they aim to have the PICs processed and returned that same day.
6). Results of the PIC will be returned to you, and not MSLL. Once you receive them you may take a copy for your own records and send the results to us by either:
  • A scanned copy  or photo can be emailed to safety@msll.ca
  • Mail original to MSLL at P.O. Box 30053 North Vancouver, B.C. V7H 2Y8

Frequently Asked Questions?

1). Are PICs good for different volunteer agencies?
Yes, as long as it is also for volunteering with vulnerable sector.
2). What if you aren’t a resident of North Vancouver?
You must then go to you local Police Detachment and apply for a PIC there.
3). How long is a PIC good for?
MSLL P.I.C’s are valid for two years.
4). Are PICs mandatory?
Yes, for all coaches and managers. Basically anyone who will be in the dugout with the kids.


More questions? Contact Safety Officer Heather Brown at: safety@msll.ca.