Criminal Record Check

CRC 2019 Letter

PIC Application Form

To apply for your CRC in person, complete the PIC Application Form and take this along with a printed copy of the MSLL CRC 2019 letter to the RCMP station in North Vancouver.

Note: you can alternatively apply for your CRC online – see the CRC page for more details.

Player Medical Form


Standard Medical release form for Little League players. All parents must complete this medical form and return it to your team manager. The manager/coach is responsible for bringing these forms to all games.

Player Incident/Injury Form

MSLL Incident Report

This form must be completed when any player, umpire, coach, spectator or other volunteer suffers a significant injury. Completed forms must be sent to the MSLL Safety Officer.

Volunteer Application Form


This document must be completed and returned by all coaches and assistant coaches, as well as any other people who will have direct access to players. This applies to parents who will be helping frequently at practices. Please complete this form and return to your team manager. The team manager is then responsible for handing these forms in to their division coordinator.

Post Season Protocol


This document has been created to communicate the league’s expectations regarding the management of post-season teams. Parents of players selected to participate in post-season play must sign this form.