Practice Fields

All teams in Rookie Junior to Majors are assigned a regular practice time on a Sunday. Rookie Junior & Senior teams practice on the Myrtle Park gravel diamond, AA teams at Blueridge, AAA teams at Seycove and Majors teams on the Myrtle Majors diamond. Teams may book additional ad-hoc mid week practice times throughout the season.

All grass fields are fully booked during the week with games. Therefore additional practices may only be booked on the gravel fields at the local elementary schools.

When making your bookings please be mindful that we have 30+ teams from Rookie Junior-Majors. Teams booking excessive amounts of practice times may be asked to release some bookings if other teams are unable to get access. MSLL has access to these fields starting from April 3.

Booking Calendars

Please note that fields permits are not valid until April 1, 2020. On weekdays please only book between 5-9pm and weekends 8:30am-6:30pm. Please click on the link below to view the booking calendar for that field: