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Myrtle Park Batting Cage

The batting cage at Myrtle Park may be used by MSLL teams only. Coaches must receive training from a MSLL appointed coordinator before using the cage.

MANDATORY – READ the following PROTOCOLS and INSTRUCTIONS before booking the cage

Batting Cage Instructions

  • The Batting Cage is ONLY permitted for MSLL team activities.
  • The Batting Cage must be reserved in advance of use. Only a team official (head coach, assistant coach or manager) may reserve the Batting Cage.
  • The Batting Cage may not be reserved for more than two (2) hours at a time. Please remove or shorten bookings as needed.
  • Bookings are monitored and will be cancelled if teams are reserving the cage disproportionately.
  • Safety precautions must be respected at all times. Non-compliance may result in cancellation of Batting Cage privileges.
  • Only adults may operate the pitching machine.
  • Only one batter in the cage at a time (except when picking up the balls).
  • Check tightness of all bolts and nuts at regular intervals. If any looseness, vibration, or rattle is noticed, correct immediately before further use and inform the Equipment Manager.
  • Batters MUST wear helmets in the cage.
  • Balls sometimes do not follow the intended flight path. Batters must be advised of this before each hitting session.
  • Never use any balls other than the dimple balls supplied by MSLL.
  • When the batter has taken his/her stance and indicates he or she is ready to hit, hold the ball high in the air where the batter can see the ball. Then bring the ball down to the chute simulating live action so that the batter can time the ball correctly. Set the ball in the feed chute and release. Do not drop the ball into the chute. Watch the ball into the wheels, then look up at the batter.
  • Turn off the machine when retrieving balls.
  • Make sure lights are off, machine is off and unplugged and covered when finished.  Ensure the cage is locked.
  • NO CLEATS in the cage.  Runners or turf shoes only.

For questions about the batting cage please email.

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