Rookie Senior


Description Rookie Senior uses the pitching machine and players are given up to 7 pitches to hit. Rookie Senior games are scored, with 1 point for each run, and 2 points scored by the defensive team for making an out in the field (strike outs do not score). Innings end after 3 outs. A Rookie Senior game lasts approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes. While games are scored, standings are not tracked in this division and there are no playoffs.
Grade/Age Grade 2 (birth year 2013)
Location Rookie Senior games are played on the south gravel field in Myrtle Park.
Games Rookie Senior teams play twice per week. One game on a Saturday, and one game during the week. The schedule will vary from week to week to allow all teams to play one another.
Practices Rookie Senior teams practice once per week usually on a Sunday.
Teams Teams are made up of 10-12 players. Teams are formed based on friend requests made during registration and by schools.
Uniform Rookie Senior players receive a team t-shirt and baseball cap which should be worn to all games. Player get to keep their t-shirt and cap at the end of the season. Elastic baseball pants will be provided on a specific pick up day.
Volunteers Each family is required to volunteer. In Rookie Senior, there will be concession shifts, raking/lining the field and scorekeeping.
Rules Rookie Senior Rules
Call Ups None. If a team is short of players, it is recommended to borrow players from the opposing team.
Coordinator Danielle Ivings –
Resources RS Score Sheet