You know her, you love her, you see her EVERY time you are at Myrtle Park. Ladies and Gents please get to know your Club President!

Name: Jasmine Barry

How many years have you been involved in MSLL?

My oldest son started playing Rally Caps in 2011 and I got involved pretty soon after that with managing his teams etc. I first joined the executive as the Player Agent which I did for one year, and I have just completed my 4th year as President.

Did you play baseball growing up?

No, I was a competitive figure skater growing up – and I also did gymnastics and ballet. I also very causally played softball in University with my friends. My position was always the catcher and I could run fast enough to usually get on base but I was mostly there for the social life and nachos at the end!

What is your favourite part of the season?

I love opening and closing ceremonies when I get to stand in front of our entire League and see the kids in their uniforms and with their teammates and coaches – all the hard work and effort coming to fruition in front of us – always makes me very emotional. It is also awesome coming to the park on a sunny Saturday afternoon and seeing every field busy with games, the playground full, and concession buzzing. Perfection!

What is your best baseball memory?

Both my boys have played in MSLL through Rally Caps to Majors – and in Majors, both of them played in Orioles jerseys every year they were in that division. Declan’s team won the majors playoffs in his first year of majors and Emmett’s team won the cup in his last year there. It was so exciting for both to have that very special moment. My other favourite thing about baseball at Myrtle is watching the kids after games when they all go out to the Rally Caps grass and play together – whether they won or lost, they soon quickly forget what colour jersey they are wearing and just have fun.

What is the most important thing you have done in your time as President?

I hope that I have been able to honor the values of Little League and carry on the traditions of community and friendship that MSLL is so proud of. I am pleased that we have added new programs including the Adult Challenger division, in season development teams, winter and in season training, as well as running fall and summer ball teams for our kids.

Where do you hope the Club will be in ten years’ time?

I hope that our new and upcoming families carry on the above programs – and add their own new ideas and enthusiasm to our League. Passing the torch to new volunteers is an important part of keeping our league strong.

I would really love to see the gravel fields upgraded, a bigger batting cage, and a permanent Majors diamond fence up (for a year-round baseball diamond!).

What is the most significant thing you have found about volunteering?

Volunteering with our league has opened up my life to so many new experiences and people in our community and beyond. I had no idea when we first signed our son up when he was five that this would be such a big part of our family and Myrtle Park is a very special place to me. As a stay at home mum it has given me an outlet to put my work skills in action in a meaningful and helpful way.  It sounds cliché, but the more you give, the more you get back – and that is 100% true with my years at Mount Seymour Little League.