Myrtle Park was a great place to learn how to play Little League. Real baseball, on the other hand, begins at Juniors. With the larger ballparks, lead-offs and bigger bats, the game gets more interesting. Mount Seymour has more teams at the Juniors level than any other association on the North Shore. Mount Seymour LL makes it it fun and keeps our teens playing!

For those 13 year old Little Leaguers who are moving up to Juniors for the upcoming season:

  • You’ve completed your playing days at Myrtle Park; and now the real baseball career begins! Playing the game at Juniors starts to resemble true baseball. There are a few differences from Majors that you should to know about; including ballparks, lead-offs and bats.
  • Home games are usually played at Kirkstone (Lynn Valley) and away games can be at Norgate, Ambleside, Eldon, and Squamish. We anticipate that Highlands, Lynn Valley, West Van, and Howe Sound LL’s will all have Juniors teams this year, which will make for an excellent Juniors Division on the North Shore. There is also opportunity for us to host other leagues from across the Lower Mainland with a few travel games thrown in if the interest is there.
  • Teams are still drafted but we do our best to accommodate reasonable friend requests, and for those concerned about the age range of Juniors, we expect our teams to be a balance of grade 7’s, grade 8’s, and a handful of grade 9’s with the LL age range.
  • The ballparks are all larger than the Majors Diamond you are used to. The base paths are 80 feet long; and the pitching mound is 53 feet from home plate. Myrtle was 60 and 45 feet, respectively. The outfield is naturally larger; and some parks have a home run fence at 250 feet.
  • With the longer base paths, lead-offs are allowed. Your coaches will show you proper technique; but with a little practice, base stealing is great fun! You no longer need to wait for the ball to cross home plate – in fact, you’ll get good at running while the pitcher is still in his (or her!) wind-up.
  • You will be using a larger bat in Juniors. Composites are also allowed, so making good contact is easier. With the pitching mound being 8 feet farther away, batters have an extra split second to see the ball, when compared to Majors. Average batters in Majors often become great hitters at Juniors. It is, in fact, easier to hit the ball.

Hopefully you are looking forward to the experience; and are ready for a great season. Sign up with Mount Seymour Little League and Play Ball!