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Myrtle Majors Fence Upgrade

May 30, 2016

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DNV is currently working to replace the Majors backstop fence and add extra high safety netting to try and prevent fly balls from hitting the playground. While we have tried to communicate with the District about the timing of this work, we unfortunately have very little control over when the work gets done.

As a result today part of the backstop fencing was removed without any warning to MSLL. The field will not be safe for play this evening and therefore the Majors game between the Orioles and Royals will be moved to Seycove diamond, and the AAA Rangers v Mariners game originally scheduled for Seycove will be moved to Blueridge Park.

We hope the District will be able to complete this work prior to tomorrow’s games. We are trying everything we can to avoid any further disruption in our playoff schedule.