MSLL Executive Positions

MSLL is entirely run by volunteers. The league is steered by an Executive Committee which consists of 12 roles: President, Vice-President, Registrar, Player Agent, Treasurer, Secretary, Coaching Director, UIC, Safety Officer, Equipment Manager, Fields Manager and Past President. The Executive Committee meets once per month year round. Beyond the Executive Committee we have the MSLL board which consists of 5 members who are elected at the AGM each year. The MSLL board is responsible for approving volunteers to the Executive Committee and acting as an oversight body to the committee.

Many of the current Executive members have put their names forward to continue in their current roles for the 2019 season but we are also looking for new executive members to help shape our league. We are looking for volunteers for the following Executive Roles:

Vice President

The Vice President supports the president while taking overall responsibility for the Juniors, Seniors, and Babe Ruth divisions. This role is busiest in late February and March as this is when the teams are built for this division. This role also involves coordinating with other D5 leagues as teams may be formed with players from other D5 leagues depending on registration numbers. Once the teams are formed, the role involves ongoing communication and coordination with the three teenage divisions, as well as general support of league operations.

Player Agent

The MSLL Player Agent is in charge of all player related decisions. In particular, the Player Agent manages the assessments, drafts, and trade requests in the AA – Seniors/Babe Ruth divisions. This role is busy in late January and February as this is the timeframe for coordinating Minors/Majors player assessments and holding the team drafts. The workload picks up again in May when the Player Agent is responsible for coordinating the post season tryouts. The Player Agent can also expect fairly regular emails throughout the regular season.

Safety Officer

The Safety Officer ensures that every volunteer on our fields have completed their Criminal Record Checks (CRC’s), helps organize our First Aid course, puts together the first aid kits that go in gear bags, and makes sure that our new coaches receive batting cage training each season. This role is busiest in March / April as this is when the CRCs need to be verified.

Coaching Director

The coaching Director’s mandate is to work with our coaches and develop training programs to further their knowledge and skills, as well as run Friday night sessions for the AA-Majors players. This position also includes assisting in off season planning (fall and winter training sessions) etc. The coaching director will put the most volunteer time in during winter training (Jan-Mar) and through the regular season (Apr-Jun). The coaching director will also be involved in recruiting regular season coaches and help facilitate assessments and player tryouts.

Non-Exec Roles


Candy Cup Tournament Director

For the past 2 season MSLL has run the Candy Cup which is a tournament for the Super 8s and 11s post season teams. The tournament director is responsible for coordinating league entries, creating the tournament schedule and ensuring the tournament weekend runs smoothly. The Candy Cup is held in early July and this role is suited to someone who can be available at the field throughout that weekend.

Rally Caps Division Coordinator

The Rally Caps Division Coordinator takes overall responsibility for the teams in Rally Caps. Since this is the first introduction for most families to MSLL, we like to have a coordinator who’s players have been in the league for a few years. The RC Coordinator is responsible for: building the Rally Caps teams, organizing printing of the coach/manager team binders, running a welcome meeting, running the 2 Rally Caps skills days and helping to coordinate the Rally Caps Closing Ceremonies.

MSLL Game Scheduler

Do you love complicated spreadsheets, fitting large numbers of games into limited number of fields, and watching the weather forecast obsessively??? If so, then the MSLL Game Scheduler role is perfect for you! The scheduler is responsible for creating the game schedule for all divisions from Rally Caps to Majors. The good news is that the schedule spreadsheets already exist and so the work each year is to use that template to create a new schedule. The scheduler is also responsible for rescheduling rain out games.

Practice Field Booking Coordinator

This is another spreadsheet/email role – although not as complex as game scheduling. The Field Booking Coordinator is responsible for tracking ad-hoc practice bookings on all our fields including the school dirt diamonds. During the regular season these bookings are primarily handled via the website booking calendar, therefore this role is mostly concerned with allocating practice fields fairly during the post season (late June – early August).

Summer Ball Coordinator

For the past 2 years MSLL has offered Summer ball as an option to continue playing baseball through July and August for players who are not on the post-season teams. Registration for Summer Ball is done through a centralized District 5 website. The Summer Ball coordinator is responsible for recruiting coaches and setting up the summer ball teams. The coordinator is the main point of contact for teams regarding schedule, team equipment etc.

Fall Ball Coordinator

Fall ball is offered in the 9/10 and 11/12 age groups for additional baseball through September and early October. The Fall Ball coordinator is responsible for recruiting coaches and setting up the summer ball teams. The coordinator is the main point of contact for teams regarding schedule, team equipment etc.

Why Get Involved?

Stepping forward to take on an Executive on non-Executive role can seem intimidating and difficult to manage on top of our already busy lives. However, the MSLL Executive group is a wonderful group of people, who throw their energy into making our baseball league the best possible experience for every player. The Executive committee do work hard, but have a lot of fun along the way and can take great pride in the accomplishments of our league. Being an Executive member can be a very rewarding experience. The non-Exec roles offer opportunities to help the league and get more involved, but with a smaller amount of commitment.

If you are interested in any of these positions, please contact We can provide more details about the work involved in each role, and rest assured lots of support will be offered from the previous Exec members to help new volunteers get up to speed.