The 2nd Annual MSLL Candy Cup takes place this coming weekend from July 5 to July 8 at Myrtle Park. The tournament features two age groups: Super 8s and 11 Selects. We will be welcoming teams from Lynn Valley, West Vancouver, Highlands, Whalley, Dunbar, Jericho, Hastings and Kerrisdale.

The tournament is a lot of fun, but to make it run smoothly requires a significant amount of volunteer support. For the Super 8s we require some basic field set up and a score keeper for each game. For the 11s we need score keeping, pitch counting, field prep and an announcer for each game. We also need volunteers to man the tournament check in desk.

Please take a look at the volunteer sign up list and see if you can spare a few hours to help out:

We ran this tournament for the first time last year, and got great feedback both from the visiting teams, and from the volunteers who came out to help. It is fun to show off our park to the visiting leagues, and if lots of people chip in to help then the weekend runs smoothly for all.

If you have questions about any of the volunteer roles, please contact Cathy.