MSLL Photo Day will take place on Saturday May 4th (rain or shine) in Myrtle Park between the Majors field and the tennis courts. Team photo times have been sent out and team managers can pick up their team package from the concession. Managers please ensure that you distribute the individual order envelopes to players prior to photo day. Teams should arrive 15 minutes before their scheduled time to ensure that the day stays on schedule.

All players receive an 8×10 Memory Mate courtesy of MSLL. In order to receive this your photo envelope needs to be filled out with your player’s Name, Phone Number and Team Name. If you wish to order additional items, please follow the instructions shown on the form.

Team managers must fill out the team order sheet. Please do this prior to arrival at photo day. Enter all team players and then circle any players who are absent at the photo shoot.

The Mount Seymour Lions Club will be attending photo day. After their photo, all players will receive a ticket valid for a hot dog and chips or pop from the Lions Club.

For players unable to attend on photo day a make-up photo session will be held at Myrtle Park on Tuesday, May 14th from 4.45-6pm.

Photo Day Schedule


Team name Photo time
RJ Rays 9:00:00 AM
RJ Rangers 9:05:00 AM
RC Dragons 9:10:00 AM
RC Owls 9:15:00 AM
RC Ninja Katz 9:20:00 AM
RC Knights 9:25:00 AM
RC Bulldogs 9:30:00 AM
BR/S Athletics 9:35:00 AM
BR/S Red Sox 9:40:00 AM
BR/S Blue Jays 9:45:00 AM
RJ Marlins 9:50:00 AM
J Athletics 9:55:00 AM
AA Rockies 10:00:00 AM
AA Dodgers 10:05:00 AM
RS Rockies 10:10:00 AM
RS Giants 10:15:00 AM
RC Grasshoppers 10:20:00 AM
RC Monstars 10:25:00 AM
RC Raptors 10:30:00 AM
J Pirates 10:35:00 AM
RJ Blue Jays 10:40:00 AM
RJ Yankees 10:45:00 AM
AA Giants 10:50:00 AM
RJ Reds 10:55:00 AM
RJ Nationals 11:00:00 AM
RJ Twins 11:05:00 AM
MJ Atletics 11:10:00 AM
MJ Twins 11:15:00 AM
J Red Sox 11:20:00 AM
RS Mets 11:25:00 AM
RS Pirates 11:30:00 AM
AAA Pirates 11:45:00 AM
AAA Angels 11:50:00 AM
RS Athletics 11:55:00 AM
RS Cubs 12:00:00 PM
RC Gators 12:05:00 PM
RC Sharks 12:10:00 PM
RC Falcons 12:15:00 PM
RC Scorpions 12:20:00 PM
AAA Giants 12:25:00 PM
Challenger #1 12:30:00 PM
Challenger #2 12:40:00 PM
AAA Rockies 12:50:00 PM
AAA Dodgers 12:55:00 PM
AAA Brewers 1:30:00 PM
MJ Giants 1:35:00 PM
MJ Rays 1:40:00 PM
RS Expos 1:45:00 PM
AA Padres 1:50:00 PM
AA Cardinals 1:55:00 PM
RS Angels 2:00:00 PM
RS Diamondbacks 2:05:00 PM
MJ Reds 2:10:00 PM
MJ Orioles 2:15:00 PM

See the images below for an example on how to fill out the manager and player forms.

Photo Day Form Examples

Player Order Form

Team Manager Form