The first 2019 Rally Caps Skills Day will be on Saturday 11th May. On skills day we will set up a series of stations on the Rally Caps field. Each team will move through the stations and the players will have a chance to try out the skills they have learned so far. Our mentor coaches will be available at each station to help run the drills. (Note: Managers do not need to bring the certificates to this session, those will be used at the end of the season). Click on the image below to view the Skills Day plan:







The schedule for Skills Day is shown below. Teams should arrive 10-15 minutes before the scheduled start time, so that they are ready to go on time. It will take approximately 1h 15 minutes to complete the skills session.

10:00 – Gators

10:20 – Ninja Catz

10:40 – Owls

11:00 – Sharks

11:20 – Monstars

11:40 – Dragons

12:00  – Falcons

12:20 – Knights

12:40 – Bulldogs

1:00 – Raptors

1:20 – Grasshoppers

1:40 – Scorpions