Majors Little League All Stars



The Majors Little League All Star team is a sanctioned Little League team. Teams play in the local District tournament, the winner of the District advances to the Provincial tournament, the winner of the Provincials advances to the Nationals and the winning team at Nationals plays as Team Canada at the Little League World Series in Williamsport. For MSLL this means playing in the District 5 tournament against teams from Lynn Valley, Highlands and West Van. The winner of the District 5 tournament advances to the Provincials where they will complete against the winners of the other BC Little League districts, with the possibility to advance to Nationals and Little League World Series.

Player Eligibility

Players on this team must be baseball age 12 or 11. Players must have played in the MSLL Majors division in order to tryout for this team. Players must have played a minimum of 8 games of their MSLL team regular season/playoff games.

Team Selection

Head and assistant coaches are invited to apply for the Majors head coach or assistant coach position in mid May. Once applications are received the MSLL executive committee votes to appoint the head coach. The head coach is responsible for selecting the assistant coaches subject to executive committee approval.

Player tryouts are held in early to mid June. Players must attend tryouts to be considered for the team. The head coach will contact all players who attend the tryouts to inform them whether they were successful in making the team.

The child of a head or assistant coach is not guaranteed placement on the team.

Post Season Fee

Players who are selected for the team are required to pay a $200 post season fee to participate (please contact the MSLL executive committee in case of hardship).

This fee covers the additional costs associated with the post season such as: caps, uniforms, t-shirts, pins, tournament entry fees, umpire fees, baseballs and equipment.

There is no cost to attend team tryouts.

2021 Official Tournament Dates

District 5 Tournament: ~July 8 to July 17 (exact dates TBD) Chris Zuehlke Park, North Vancouver

Provincial Tournament (if qualified): July 23 to July 31 (date and location TBD)

Playing Time

The Majors All Stars follows full Little League tournament rules. A key difference from regular season baseball is that this team has a batting line up of 9 players only. Players not in the starting line up are bench players. Minimum play rules guarantee that all players will get into the game – however depending on team size this may be for as little as one at bat. Bench players may only be substituted for their “partner” player – this means that 5 or 6 players will play a full game, while others will play very little.

Line up decisions are fully at the discretion of the team head coach. All parents must sign the post season protocol and are expected to be supportive of the coaches.

Additional Tournaments

In addition to the Districts/Provincial/Nationals/World Series tournaments, the Majors All Stars team may participate in further tournaments: